Vlora Youth Center in cooperation with the American Corner Vlora realized the summer camp on the topic Social Entrepreneurship. Representatives of the US Embassy Youth Council, YES Alumni, Ambassadors of Nature and the Technovation Girls group from the American Corner Tirana gathered in Vlora to take part in this camp and gain further knowledge for their capacity in this area. These groups were joined by members of the Vlora Youth Center who discussed the concept of social entrepreneurship. On the first day, participants were better acquainted with each other through games, activities and presentations of their organizations and the following days they worked on a business plan.

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Mateo Prifti
Mateo is a student constantly thinking about and building products that may have a positive impact in peoples lives. He gets involved with everything that would help him facilitate the reach of such goals such as programming, design, visual arts and business. Currently his main interests are youth entrepreneurship and tech startups.