pins-1-300x300In the framework of the DemCom Project “Fighting Corruption in the Higher Education System”, the CLCI together with students from U.S. Embassy Youth Council Anti-Corruption Academy, organized a poll for “Voting the Best Professor.” The criteria for choosing the best professor were “integrity, the teaching methodology, the transfer of knowledge, the good standing relationship with students”. A thanking postcard and a bunch of flowers were given to the best professors nominated by the students in the respective Faculties. The names of the best professors were declared at the Facebook page of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council and the feedback of comments was very positive.

The aim of this activity was to break the circle of negativity and corruption in our society, by showing positive examples that preserve professionalism and integrity. We wanted to give the message to both professors and students that integrity and professionalism is still a value and people who embark it are role-models who have the appreciation of all the community they work.

The poll was organized mainly online, but there were Faculties such as the Faculty of Law that used the combined form of online voting and the ballot box.

By organizing the voting of best role models each year, we want to stimulate professors in giving their best examples of leadership and professionalism in the classrooms. This activity was organized also in the framework of 7th of March, which is the Teachers’ Day in Albania.

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Fjoralba Caka
Fjoralba is graduated in Law and works as assistant professor of European Union Law and Internal Market at the Law Faculty, University of Tirana. She is driven and motivated to always bring a change in the environment she lives and works. She believes that competence, integrity and passion are the most important ingredients to lead and impact others. Currently she is the President of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council Albania.