pins-1-300x300In the framework of the DemCom Project “Fighting Corruption in the Higher Education System”, the U.S. Embassy Youth Council in Albania, in collaboration with the Center for Legal and Civic Initiatives, organised meetings with focus groups from five Faculties in the University of Tirana.

At the Faculty of Economy were organized two meetings with focus groups attended by about 100 students who expressed their interest in the fight against corruption.

The main goals of these meetings was:

1- To inform and familiarize students with the rules of the economics faculty, faculty knowledge structures and the recognition of their rights and duties as students at the University of Tirana.

2-Students to raise awareness about the negative consequences that  corruption brings in higher education system.

3- To encourage students to become part of the fight against corruption through ideas, strategies or giving their opinions to solve the problems in the faculty as well to strengthen students in the fight against corruption.

4-To recognize and identify better with student problems.

Each meeting was organized in two parts. In the first part, the president of the  US Embassy Youth Council in Albania, presented the project and the importance of student involvement through ideas, essays, strategies and their opinions on the fight against corruption in higher education system. Also part of the staff of the Youth Council, presented through several case studies major problems  in the faculty and possible ways of solving these problems anticipated in the regulation of the faculty.

In the last part, respectively in  the first and second meeting, Aldo Merkoçi from ”Mjaft”and Lorenco Gjoni, director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania,  discussed briefly about corruption in higher education and its impact in the educational process.

During all the time in both meetings the students were given enough space to discuss about corruption in higher education, lack of transparency and any other problem in their faculty.

The staff of  the US Embassy Youth Council in Albania through photos, videos, games, discussions and case studies conducted short-term goals of this activity and reemphasized the importance of the active involvement of students in the fight against corruption in the higher education system.

In the framework of the project ” Fighting Corruption in Higher Education System ” US Embassy Youth Council  in Albania will organize other activities with the main aim of the awareness and empowerment of youth in the fight against corruption.

This activity is also reflected on Facebook.