What are your plans for summer holidays? Are you going to visit any attractive Albanian spot? Beach? Mountain?… Wherever you would go from up north to down south we challenge you to visit at least one object of our culture heritage. It might be an old church, antique ruins, monuments, etc. Make a picture of it and send it our facebook page: US Embassy Youth Council Albania, or at our email address: staff@useycalbania.org, or tagg as with the hashtag #TrashegimiaCulturore#Identitet#Restauro.

Through this campaign we encourage youngsters to visit different objects of culture heritage and make youngsters interested in knowing more about their culture heritage, but also to raise awareness on the need to restore some of these objects.

Contribute to our display of national heritage! It is part of our identity! Let’s promote it and raise awareness about its need to restoration.

Follow and contribute: https://www.facebook.com/pg/youthcouncilalbania/photos/?tab=album&album_id=693306370820617

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Fjoralba Caka
Fjoralba is graduated in Law and works as assistant professor of European Union Law and Internal Market at the Law Faculty, University of Tirana. She is driven and motivated to always bring a change in the environment she lives and works. She believes that competence, integrity and passion are the most important ingredients to lead and impact others. Currently she is the President of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council Albania.