On 28th June the U.S. Embassy Youth Council held the first anti-corruption meeting at the Faculty of History and Philology, Department of Journalism. In this first meeting the U.S. Embassy volunteers explained the objectives and the main activities of the DemCom Project “Fighting Corruption in the Higher Education”, which is being implemented together with the Center of Legal and Civic Initiative.

In this first activity we had the pleasure to have the presence of distinguished professors prof. Artan Fuga, Prof.Mark Marku and Ervin Goci, who gave inspirational and motivational messages for the students to encourage them to join our initiative for a free corruption governance in the Universities.

We encouraged students to play an active role in the good governance, transference and accountability in their Faculties.

If you missed this activity and want to be part of our student initiative follow us in our Facebook page: I Resist Corruption-FHF , or write us a message at: achf@useycalbania.org

Together we can challenge Corruption!

@US.Embassy Youth Council Albania