Children’s Day 2016

Sweets, presents, that new pink dress you had been begging your mother for, tickets to the amusement park or even a new pet… These was the special treatment we used to get for Children’s Day.

Knowing how special this day is to all children worldwide, we couldn’t let it go to waste without helping even a single child feel as a prince or princess just for one day at least.

Therefore, we decided to move our troops to the Institute of Blind Pupils. We joined forces with New Vision, a non-profit youth organization which operated in this Institute with volunteering programs. To make this day even more special, we enlisted the children’s special abilities and their limitless imagination for a particular (maybe even unusual) task: A fair with craft-work from the children, using recycled materials.

For more than a month, we worked together with the children and the volunteers from both NGOs, in a daily basis to make flowers, bracelets and pigs out of plastic bottles, pencil holders from straws and fish from bottle tops, bouquets from egg cartons and octopuses from toilet paper rolls. It was a challenge for both us and the children, but we their positivism, curiosity and eagerness took us by surprise. They wore their special abilities like a superhero cloak because they were the real heroes in this activity.

Yet, after all this, I think we were as happy as the children there. Maybe even more.