Albanian Cultural Heritage Project-Berat

Berat,September 26,2016

In the framework of Cultural Heritage Project, The U.S Embassy Youth Council members joined the organization  CHWB(Culture Heritage without Borders)  for a visit in the city of  Berat.

This visit was also attended by two  young people who contributed more to the photo campaign of the US Embassy Youth Council project : #Cultural Heritage #Identity #Restoreit , Joni Margjeka and Ina Toska.

Firstly,The youngsters were introduced to the work and projects of CHwB Albania .During this presentation they asked questions and showed a lot of interes in CHwB projects.

Furthermore, they were divided in three groups , which could see closely the work CHwB is developing within the 30 Regional Camp Restoration .The three groups were involved and offered their help in shaping stone,restoration of  Roofs  and woods.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit the most attractive points of the city of Berat.

Everyone had a great time during this visit and we all are looking forward to other interesting projects.

#YouthCouncilAlbania #CHwB #MakeitYours