On the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s eve, the U.S. Embassy Youth Council Albania decided to distribute some small packages for all those less fortunate, who in the cold days of winter sleep on the roads of the city, begging from the citizens.

Socks, blankets, some snacks, cakes and toys for children were some of the gifts that were delivered with much love from our members. Likewise, some Youth Council members visited and sent some clothing for children at the center of abandoned children “Djepi i Engjejve”, near Geraldine Maternity. We thank Mrs. Shpresa and Miranda for their work and their devotion to child care. We also thank the tv news edition ‘7 pa 5’ for promoting the activity and inviting all people to donate something to the less fortunate.

Hoping that this solidarity accompany us not only for festive events, we wish to all of our friends and followers, Happy New Year!