After having organized a successful activity with the Institute of Blind Children in June, we thought that it would be a great idea to start a new project that would involve these lovely students.

This time we aimed to do something different, something that would help them improve their academic results and be useful to them as individuals too. So we joined forces once again with New Vision, a non-profit youth organization which operates in this Institute with volunteering programs, to launch a free foreign language lessons’ program for children with disabilities and economic/social problems.

In fact, starting from November, our members offer English language lessons for these children, twice a week, using interactive and educational methods. Despite their limitations and problems, many of these young students are willing, and even eager to learn and to broaden their own horizons by participating in different games and activities that we organize. Hopefully this project will help these new English learners with visual limitations to achieve a functional level of literacy because we know that it is vital for truly empowering them to participate in the sighted world. Furthermore, we think that teaching them with understanding and respect is really important, especially when working with students of diverse backgrounds. That’s why we really hope that we will have a wider participation in this project and why not organize more and more beautiful teaching lessons with them!

Join us!