The U.S. Embassy Youth Council Albania presented today the report of the project “Fight Against Corruption in the Higher Educational System in Albania”. This project was implemented in co-operation with the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives with financial support from the Small Grants Program of the Democracy Commission of the United States Embassy in Tirana. During a one year period many activities were carried out with the students of 5 pilot Faculties which became part of this study.

The purpose of this study is to assist in the fight against corruption in universities and it has the following objectives:

  • To make a description of the corruption situation at the University of Tirana;
  • To differentiate and clarify the meaning of corruption by students;
  • To report the awareness and corruption perception index at universities by relying on students’ opinion;
  • To highlight the differences that have different factors on the perception of corruption;
  • To encourage debate on university corruption and help in anti-corruption policies at the university.

This report briefly presents the main findings of the study. The methodical approach of this study is then discussed, explaining in details important aspects of data collection and questionnaire. Analysis and interpretation of findings is the section where the findings of this study are reported and interpreted based on the data collection and by applying the explained approach to the methodical look of the paper. This section is finalized with a concluding survey of the study. The material also has an attachment where we briefly present discussion and analyzes developed by different scholars on the phenomenon of corruption in universities and presents their main findings.

To view the survey click the link below:

Korrupsioni në Arsimin e Lartë në Shqipëri, rasti i Universitetit të Tiranës