“A good teacher inspires hope, empowers imagination, and engages in love for learning.” This was the leitmotif of the Naming & Faming campaign organized by the Youth Council, which was finalized with the symbolic distribution of flower bouquets for the favorite pedagogues of about 1000 students studying and preparing for the challenges of life at the University of Tirana.

Attached below you will find the names of the 5 favorite pedagogues. Wishing to promote examples that magnify the figure of the teacher, we wish the celebration to all generational educators who daily contribute to the well-being of tomorrow’s citizens.

Happy 7th of March!

Prof.Asoc. Enkeleda Olldashi (Faculty of Law)
Dr. Rezart Prifti (Faculty of Economics)
Prof. Asc. Bujar Seiti (Faculty of Natural Sciences)
Prof. Asc.Dr Ermal Baze (Faculty of History and Philology)
Dr. Proc. Lorenc Ligori (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Prof.As. Dr. Afërdita Canaj (Faculty of Foreign Languages)


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