Over the past few weeks, the Media and Communication Department at the Youth Council, initiated the #USApproach project, an initiative aimed at promoting the academic exchange experience in the United States.

The first story was that of Dafina Meço, a participant in the YES (Youth Exchange and Study) exchange and study program. Then was Florian Muho’s experience from the UGRAD program. Erisa Meçolli was the alumni of the Professional Fellows program and recently we also shared the experiences of Eva Vraniçi from UGRAD and Nerhens Troshani from YES.

Participants in this initiative showed us how they got acquainted with the program, spoke about application procedures, and how this process worked. They also shared with us their experience in the United States and the impressions from participating in the aforementioned programs.

Full stories can be found on our social networks. The common point of all the stories was the participants’ advice to encourage anyone of you who wants to be part of the academic exchange experience in the US, so as not to hesitate to apply and stay updated with the programs and application procedures. These are opportunities not to be missed!