Taboo Talks presents The Dictator!

Taboo Talks, the newest series of the U.S Embassy Youth Council events, is back with our second event with a highly rumored and also “taboo” theme: The Dictator.

The special guest to conduct our next discussion was Erion Kristo, a well-known figure in civil society, famous for the sincerity and the straightforward way that he expresses opinions. With such a guest, discussions over the communist era could not become more interesting!
The event started differently, with a short quiz for our participants. The questions assigned five winners of the book “Metacommunication and mediamorphose” by Artan Fuga, invited to our previous discussion about religion.

During the meeting, we discussed about communist ideology, communism in Albania, and the impact this period has on our lives, even though we have not experienced it ourselves. Erion Kristo told us more about his personal experience in the dictatorship period, offering us also the parallelization of that period with Albanian political actuality.
Participants shared views and opinions by bringing different attitudes.

Also, they did not hesitate to ask interesting questions, which made this discussion more productive and interactive. Thanking everyone for the participation, we welcome you to future events ready to discuss and to spend another different afternoon with us!