Artens Lazaj
Artens Lazaj is 5th President of the United States Embassy, Youth Council Albania. Graduating with the Gold Medal Award from University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, he is now a lawyer and an advocate. Artens has taken part in different civil society organizations and public service as well. He is involved in several issues, such as human rights, justice reform, equal justice under law and open governance. By boosting active youth, he believes in encouraging volunteerism, differentiate community leaders and promoting Albanian values.

Civic Engagement

PR, Media and Communication

Neralba Demaliaj

Neralba Demaliaj is the coordinator of PR, Media and Communication Department. She studies Political Science and considers herself a youth activist at heart. For the past 5 years, she has been part of several youth NGOs that focus mainly on youth empowerment, gender equality, civic engagement and volunteerism. Neralba loves philosophy, psychology, astrology, art and knowledge - the spiritual and mental part of humanity. She often meditates as she takes pride in being connected to nature and Universe.

Geriola Hate

Geriola Hate is a member of PR, Media and Communication Department. She is currently enrolled at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy, studying Finance & Accounting. For over 5 years she has been part of different youth organizations. Her hobbies include technology, business, personal development and reading.

Kevin Jasini

Kevin Jasini is a graduate from the University of Tirana. For the past 3 years he has been engaged in different human rights NGO's, where he covered communications and social media. Since 2018, he is a member of the Youth Council, part of the PR, Media and Communications Department. Kevin loves art, photography and journalism.

Margen Stepa

Music, Design, Photography, Editing, Web Development. Margen Stepa, who is a member of PR, Media and Communication Department since October 2016, has tried everything mentioned above and enjoyed every bit of all these adventures. He is always looking forward to new creations that would impact not only his, but everybody's lives.

Mateo Prifti

Mateo Prifti is the former President of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council. He is constantly building products that may have a positive impact in the society. He has also been responsible for organizing the Youth Talk series featuring guest speakers that would talk to youth participants, engage and inspire them. A few years ago, Mateo participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit organized in Kenya by the White House and at the Ron Brown Forum in Croatia nominated by PAS Tirana. Afterwards, he has also organized two Startup Weekend Events powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Culture and Entertainment

Vivian Begaj

Vivian Begaj, 21. Her journey at the U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania started 3 years ago and she is now the coordinator of the Culture and Entertainment Department. She owns a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of International Relations which is also her dream profession: to become a well-known diplomat. Currently, she is working as a project manager for a marketing company and dedicating her time to professional development and youth activities. When she is not dealing with any of her daily activities, you can find her outside taking herself on dates to some of her favorite spots or taking pictures. Her passions include arts and people.

Adonel Myzyri

Adonel Myzyri 25, is a member of the Culture and Entertainment Department since 2017. He is a graduated architect and currently working on Tirana neighborhood improvement projects as an architect and researcher. During his studies he has been part of many projects concerning Albanian territory development as well as Alternative Education, Collective Memory and Albanian youth development. His main hobby is European History and Philosophy.

Ania Sauku

Ania Sauku is a member of Culture and Entertainment Department and currently a first year law student at European University of Tirana. She is passionate about challenging the status quo and empowering, educating and engaging Albanian youth. Ania is an alumna of the Benjamin Franklin exchange program 2019 and simultaneously founder and leader of TED-Ed Club in her former high school. When she is not being active in the civic society, Ania is found reading, playing her guitar and falling into different internet rabbit hole.

Aroilda Albrahimi

Aroilda Albrahimi, 22, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Currently, she is finishing her Master’s Degree in the field of Management & Marketing. She works as a marketing manager for Top Channel. Aroilda joined the US Embassy Youth Council in February 2020. She hasn't done many volunteering projects but she decided to dedicate all of her free time to USEYCA. Her passion is music and she is the singer of her own musical band.

Brian Ibro

Brian Ibro, 23. His field of study was Economics and he also graduated from a professional music school as a music producer and sound engineer. He decided to follow his passion and open his own recording studio. He is a live singer and guitarist. USEYCA is his first volunteering engagement where he dedicates most of his free time since 2020.

Florjan Muhaj

Florjan Muhaj, 25. Public Administration Employee, Head of EU Integration and Foreign Funds Coordination Unit at the Municipality of Patos. Member of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council Albania since March 2017. Former Board Member and currently part of Culture and Entertainment Department. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in "Political Science" from the University of Tirana, and a Master's Degree in "Integration and Governance" from the University of Salzburg, Austria. Florjan is a U.S. Exchange Alumni with the Global UGRAD Program, exchange student for one semester at the University of Wyoming, United States, in 2016.

Ilvi Dedaj

Ilvi Dedaj is 23 years old and he is from Puka. He is employed and has just finished his Master’s studies. He joined USEYCA recently (May, 2020).  His fields of interest are: economics with focus in macroeconomics, entrepreneurship and business, sports and politics. He has initiated one of the series of "Youth Talk" and informal meeting with our peers at YAG near OSCE Presence in Albania.

Xhenis Kllogjri

Xhenis Kllogjri, 22. He finished his Bachelor Studies in the field of Law in support of his continuous interest in International Law and International Relations. He has worked as an English teacher in Egypt as part of an AIESEC Internship project. His working experience developed even further when he worked in the Incoming Global Volunteers department in AIESEC. Participant of MEU Romania, simulation of the EU Parliament. His work with USEYCA began in May 2020 and keeps going strong despite social distancing.

Xhulio Hasa

Xhulio Hasa, 27. He works as a mobile developer and joined USEYCA in 2020. His world is characterized by variety and passion. Positivity, communication and logic are his symbol. He loves art in any kind it manifests, mainly in music and movies. His involvement in technology is something he can’t be identified without but in the other hand, sports and activities make a great part of him. He likes futuristic but loves mystic and likes material but loves spiritual. Deep conversations, philosophy and discussing our every thing’s origin occupy quite a lot of his time. His interests are mainly targeted in technology, art, communication, youth empowerment and youth awakening.

Social Activities and Community Service

Denisa Rami

Denisa Rami is the Coordinator of Social Activities and Community Service Department. She has completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Law near University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. Currently she is a student at Albanian Chamber of Advocacy and works as a lawyer near a private company. She is part of U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania since February 2020.  Denisa has attended several internships in different organizations and public institution, such as IDMC (Institution For Democracy, Media and Culture), ALTRI, (Albanian Legal and Territorial Research Institute). Her main focus are: the empowerment of human rights and gender equality in Albania. With her experiences and academic qualifications, she is working and contributing for a Democratic Country, where the rights of people are respected and guaranteed. Her hobbies are: swimming, cycling, traveling and some of her activities include research and trainings.

Dejniz Shahu

Dejniz Shahu is part of Social Activities and Community Service Department. She has been a member of the U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania since February 2020. Her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations where she graduated with honors and a Master of Science in European Affairs from Lund University in Sweden. She works in the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Directorate. She is passionate about volunteering and youth empowerment or topics related to IR, EU and current global affairs.

Erjona Serjani

Erjona Serjani has been a member of USEYCA since February 2020. She has completed her studies in Finance, and has attended various training courses in the field of financial reporting and auditing. She currently works at the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development for the EU IPARD Program. She is also an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Tirana. During her professional experience, she has been a passionate young activist and has attended training courses, workshops, youth exchanges inside and outside the country, in leadership, education, financial behavior, EU integration, innovation.

Iris Buçiqi

Iris Buçiqi, 20, part of Social Activities and Community Service Department. Currently, she is studying Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University. She joined in February 2020. Iris has been engaged with other youth led organizations, such as: AIESEC and UNYA as well. Her field of interest involves diplomacy, IR, and gender studies.

Sara Maçolli

Sara Maçolli was the former Coordinator of Community and Social Service Department. She is currently a first year student in Master of Science International and Commercial Law. Sara has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations, where has graduated with high honors and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Her activities include participating in many conferences, research and trainings mainly with a focus in the process of democratization in Albania and the road towards EU integration.

Siljana Hyseni

Siljana Hyseni, 21. She studies International Relations and Political Science at New York University. Siljana has been involved for years with various organizations for the empowerment of Roma youth and women and mentors children who are in elementary school. Her focus is on empowering young people and engaging them n various social activities. She likes challenges and learning new things.

Renis Meta

Renis Meta has graduated with excellent results from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences, where he is also pursuing his Master’s Degree. Renis is Scholar of the German foundation Konrad Adenauer, ranked as the No. 1 Think Tank in Germany and 15th in world ranking. Renis has extensive knowledge and experience in gender issues, social policy and social services, Western Balkans (WB6) issues and regional cooperation, European Union, etc. Renis has a long tracking record of his civic engagement and voluntarism contribution in society with target-groups like children and youth, people with disabilities, marginalized communities, etc. He has assisted in various projects and studies with international entities.

Youth Empowerment

Ksenia Ramaj

Ksenia Ramaj is the coordinator of Youth Empowerment Department. She is a senior at "Sinan Tafaj" High School. Ksenia enjoys contributing to different NGOs and is really keen on public speaking. She has been part of several important projects of U.S. Embassy like Speak Up and Outdoor Ambassadors. Her hobbies could apply themselves to any field, from arts (music, cross stichting & cooking) to scientific ones (informatics & physics).

Arlind Kamberi

Arlind Kamberi, 17, studying as a scholarship holder at "Ernest Koliqi" High School. He joined U.S Embassy Youth Council on May 2020 and since that time, has participated in Youth Talks and other activities organized online. In his personal opinion, USEYCA is definitely amazing and unique, starting from the super people and  team spirit there. Arlnd’s hobbies include playing the classical and flamenco guitar (since 10 years), programming, reading a lot about biotech and bioinformatics as his favorite field,  participating in many extracurricular activities (especially MUNs and Debate/Tech Clubs), learning foreign languages too (currently learning the 4th one). He was one of the organizers of UNYD Albania open air meeting with USYECA members.

Erisa Meçolli

Erisa Meçolli, graduated in Finance and Accounting. Before joining the U.S Embassy Youth Council in 2018, she had completed an exchange program in the U.S named Professional Fellows Program supported by the U.S Department of State. Despite developing herself professionally, she has been volunteering in the community for 8 years organizing different activities for children. Erisa believes it is especially important to raise the youth of Albania, with the concept of volunteer work, and only educated and collaborative spirits can do great things like we see in developed countries. “People shouldn’t worry about whether they will make a huge difference because even a small effort can have an impact on the lives of others” is her motto.

Frenk Hysenaj

Frenk Hysenaj, is 19 years old and currently a freshman at University of New York Tirana. He has joined USEYCA in December 2019 but has a few years of experience in other NGOs such as: Outdoor Ambassadors and New Vision. Frenk loves team work in order to achieve great things, (that also includes sports). He also enjoys having intellectual discussions about different topics and coming up with viable solutions to many of the problems that surround us every day.

Gea Koduzi

Gea Koduzi, 21, is currently enrolled in Bocconi University Milan where she is pursuing her studies in “Management and Economics “. She has been actively involved in youth empowerment and civic engagement activities since high school where she also served as the President of Outdoor Ambassadors. Last year she also worked as an intern in the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy Albania. Her passion and commitment to promote a sustainable development of our society is also reflected through her academic choices such as to attend a summer program for “Social Business” in HEC Paris or have an elective “Sustainable Supply Chai” in Bocconi. Driven by the need to have a deeper understanding of the problems faced nowadays by the Albanian society, and willingness to have a meaningful contribution in addressing these problems, she recently became a member of the USEYCA in October 2020.

Grejsi Rudi

Grejsi Rudi is 18 years old , born and raised in Tirana, Albania. She studies at “Albanian University” (UFO) for multimedia, design. She has shown interest in visual arts at a young age and has learned many things related to art in general through her family. Grejsi joined the U.S Embassy Youth Council in February 2020, with activism, self growth, willing for change as he primary goals. She has tried building her own recycling campaign with funny and eco friendly hacks everyone can do at home.

Marlin Muca

Marlin Muca, 22, part of Youth Empowerment Department. During high school, he developed interest in history, literature, diplomacy and political ideologies. Then, he registered in the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, following the footsteps of his grandfather who served as a prosecutor. Marlin mainly focused on public law (history of institutions, constitutional right, philosophy, international relation etc). He also was engaged in many of the civil society activities revolving corruption, human rights and justice reform.