Gjon Buxhuku

Gjon Buxhuku is the President of the U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania and part of the U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania since May 2018. He is 21 years old and studies law in University of Tirana. He has participated in most of the activities organized by USEYCA, but he has been mostly focused on the protection of Human Rights, and on the activities regarding law enforcement. Currently, Gjon is the coordinator of Youth Empowerment Department.

Civic Engagement Department

Artens Lazaj


Artens Lazaj was the President of the U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania and has been part of this structure since May 2018. He believes in the power of positive thinking and strengthening the role of active citizenship. During his years of civic engagement, he has understood that our society can grow up further by investing in youth capacities. He has been trying to help and encourage people to give their best, to be optimistic and to improve their life quality each day goes by.


Andri Ferati

Andri Ferati is 16 years old and studies at “Ibrahim Rugova” High School. He is a reader and sometimes a writer, depending on his mood. Same goes with painting. Andri loves football as well and is a Juventus fan. His favourite player is Gianluigi Buffon, the legendary goalkeeper of the team.


Ledio Alushi

Ledio Alushi is currently working as a personal trainer. Always striking to help individuals in need and helping as many as possible. His life motto is: “Open-mindedness, willpower and discipline are what make a person great, while details are what matters the most.” That is what he believes leaders all strive for and make a change in the society.


Siljana Hyseni

Siljana Hyseni, 22. She studied International Relations and Political Science at New York University. Siljana has been involved for years with various organizations and her goal is to empower the Roma youth and women. In her free time, she mentors children who are in elementary school. She likes challenges and learning new things day by day.


Aleksis Staka

Aleksis Satka is a member of the Civic Engagement & Social Services Department. She is an alumna of the Youth Exchange & Study Program, where she is the City Representative of Tirana. She is studying to become a doctor in the University of Medicine and remains an active member of the community through different organizations. She is passionate about human rights, access to healthcare and literature.


Florian Osmanaj

Florian Osmanaj is a member of U.S. Embassy Youth Council since May 2021. He has completed a MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), and now is becoming a specialist in Cardiac Surgery. His ultimate goal is to always help others.


Kejsi Beqiraj

Kejsi Beqiraj is a senior Computer Science student and human rights activist. He seeks to bring into spotlight social issues that have long been the cause for injustice and inequality in Albania. His “a-ha!” light bulb moment in life was the second he realized that words carry the vibration needed to serve as a source of inspiration and life-changing revelations.


Renisa Sala

Renisa Sala is newly graduated in Economic Informatics at the Faculty of Economics. She is passionate about cyber security, and always in search of adventures. Renisa loves exploring new places, making new friends and being an active part of civil society.


Arlind Kasemi

Arlind Kasemi is a member of Civic Engagement Department since May 2021. He is currently studying Medicine at Medical University of Tirana, because it provides a way for him to combine his love for helping others with his passion for human body. His desire for helping others since he was a child has influenced him to engage in several youth NGOs, one of them the USEYCA recently.


Grejd Hyska

Grejd Hyska is currently studying Political Sciences at the University of Tirana. Being an activist has always been a main part of her journey. Altruism, hard work and an open mind are the some of the values she cherishes and incorporates the most in her life. Grejd strongly believes that through small, kind-hearted gestures, together we can make a great impact in our world.


Ksenia Ramaj

Ksenia Ramaj is the former coordinator of Youth Empowerment Department. Ksenia enjoys contributing to different NGOs and is really keen on public speaking. She has been part of several important projects of U.S. Embassy like Speak Up and Outdoor Ambassadors. Her hobbies could apply themselves to any field, from arts (music, cross stitching & cooking) to scientific ones (informatics & physics).


Selina Çomo

Selina Çomo is 20 years old and she is currently studying at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. She has been part of the U.S Embassy Youth Council Albania for more than a year now and finds it an amazing experience, since she always wanted to be part of Civic Engagement Department. Her hobbies include traveling, reading and music.


Denisa Rami

Denisa Rami has completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Law near University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. Denisa has attended several internships in different organizations and public institution, such as IDMC (Institution for Democracy, Media and Culture), ALTRI, (Albanian Legal and Territorial Research Institute). Her main focuses are: human rights and gender equality in Albania. With her experiences and academic qualifications, she is working and contributing for a democratic country, where the rights of people are respected and guaranteed. Her hobbies are swimming, cycling, traveling and enjoys doing research.


Iris Buciqi

Iris Buçiqi, 21, part of Civic Engagement Department. Currently, she is studying Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University. She joined in February 2020. Iris has been engaged with other youth led organizations, such as: AIESEC and UNYA as well. Her field of interest involves diplomacy, IR, and gender studies.


Ola Miftari

Ola Miftari joined U.S. Embassy Youth Council in May 2021. She loves art in any kind it manifests, mainly in music and movies. Deep conversations, philosophy and discussing our every thing’s origin occupy quite a lot of her time. Ola is also passionate about volunteering and youth empowerment or topics related to current global affairs.

Strategic Content


Alba Kokoshi

Alba Kokoshi is working at the meantime for an Accounting and Auditing firm in Tirana and completing a Master’s Degree in Finance. Beside her everyday work, she likes to give her contribution to the community as much as she can. Her main concerns are low-income communities, climate change, gender equality and education. Alba is very passionate about picking up new languages, traveling and discovering new cultures.


Eno Çullhaj

Eno Çullhaj is a new member of the U.S Embassy Youth Council and is part of the Strategic Content Department. He is working hard to become a good programmer one day. Computers are not the only thing he likes, but also helping people in his community. He is passionate about making the world a more efficient and better place.


Juxhin Çaushi

Juxhin Çaushi is the newest coordinator of Strategic Content Department. He has worked as an IT specialist at Ministry of Justice and is also the co-founder of appalbania.com. Currently, he is taking care of U.S. Embassy Youth Council’s website page. His preferred leisure time activities are the ones in nature, surrounded by his friends.


Alsenja Demaliaj

Alsenja Demaliaj is one of the founders of USEYCA and a member for 5 years now. She has been part of the active youth in Tirana for a very long time and desires to make her community a better one through her own initiatives or her activism in several NGOs. Alsenja is willing to work and contribute towards the improvement of the conditions of the social classes in need, the protection of human rights, and also relevant issues related to mental health and gender equality. What characterizes her is being a strong believer that if you want to do great work, you have to love what you do first. Her passions include theatre, literature, psychology and writing.


Hamide Selmani

Hamide Selmani has been engaged in different human rights NGO’s in the past 3 years. Her hobbies include technology, business, personal development and reading. Ami is also the photographer of U.S. Embassy Youth Council and says that she cannot live without implementing this passion anywhere, anytime.


Keisi Xhafa

Keisi Xhafa has grauated from the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. She believes that we should make the most of the opportunities given to us, particularly the ones that have an impact in our community. Through her hard work with different organizations, she hopes to aid in educating the public about mental health, gender based violence and financial literacy. Some of her hobbies include psychology, photography, travel and graphic design, in which she dedicates the necessary time.


Anxhela Teli

Anxhela Teli is a member of Strategic Content Department. Her passion for robotics and technology has followed her since she was really young. Sharing her passion with others and using it to make a change in the community has always been a big goal of her. Anxhela values the power of young minds in technology to create a sustainable future for everyone.


Ina Merlika

Ina Merlika is studying German Language, Translation and Interpretation at the University of Tirana. Some of her main interests are mainly targeted in contemporary art, educational activities and also mass media. Ina is extremely friendly and funny, always looking on the bright side.


Mateo Prifti

Mateo Prifti is the former President of the USEYCA. He is constantly building products that may have a positive impact in the society. He is the founder of ScholarPortal.net, an online aggregator of international students’ opportunities. He has also been responsible for organizing the Youth Talk series featuring guest speakers that would talk to youth participants, engage and inspire them. A few years ago, Mateo participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit organized in Kenya by the White House and at the Ron Brown Forum in Croatia nominated by PAS Tirana. Afterwards, he has also organized two Startup Weekend Events powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.


Edri Kopliku

Edri Kopliku studies at a vocational high school for IT in Shkodra. Except for coding and other nerdy things, he likes playing basketball, listening to music, photo editing and travelling/ exploring new areas. He is always looking forward to new creations that would impact not only his, but everybody’s lives.


Ines Kukalaj

Ines Kukalaj is a senior at “Sinan Tafaj” High School. She loves team work in order to achieve great things (that also includes sports). Ines enjoys any forms of art and in her free time, she likes to read books and try new hobbies.


Soni Seli

Soni Seli is studying Electronics/IT at “Harry Fultz” Institute. His passions and interests are game design/development, programming, drawing and 3D modeling. Soni is a really creative and talented guy, aiming to create his own gaming company here in Albania.


Xhulia Jasimi

Xhulia Jasimi has been part of the “1989 Anniversary – Fellows on Demand” exchange program. She is passionate about computer programming, which she plans on studying further on in university. Her activities include participating in technology related different conferences and competitions. She also enjoys volunteering and participating in youth activities.

Youth Empowerment Department


Angela Ricco

Angela Ricco’ is a member of Youth Empowerment Department and a high school student at “Turgut Ozal” College. Angela is passionate about actively making a better future for her generation and for generations to come. She wants to use this passion to create a more equitable world, from which everyone can benefit. Angela enjoys spending time with friends and family and appreciating nature.


Brisilda Çekrezi

Brisilda Çekrezi is the former president of “Outdoor Ambassadors Tirana” Club, and now is part of U.S. Embassy Youth Council. Her interests are focused on art, journalism & communication, youth empowerment and youth awakening. She loves hanging out with people and engaging with them.


Mishel Mita

Mishel Mita is a graduate in Administration and Social Policies and is planning on having a Master on Communication. He is keen on architecture and interior design, history and cultural heritage, nature and exploring.



Anri is a new member of the Youth Empowerment Department. He has been part of many different NGOs as he likes to help the community and develop personally and professionally. At the moment, Anri is studying physiotherapy, but he aspires to become an entrepreneur one day in the future. His hobbies are eating, going to the gym, playing sports, reading and eating again.


Ejsi Vula

Ejsi Vula is a medical student at Medical University of Tirana. Apart from long studying periods, Ejsi is heavily involved in civil society, where he has been part of countless organization and has a great deal of experience. His volunteering activities range from helping the local community to organizing large scale international events with organizations such as European Youth Parliament. Long walks, listening to audio books and wilderness activities are his favorite ones.


Ilvi Dedaj

Ilvi Dedaj is 24 years old and he is from Puka. He is employed and has just finished his Master’s studies. He joined USEYCA in May, 2020.  His fields of interest are: economics with focus in macroeconomics, entrepreneurship and business, sports and politics. He has initiated one of the series of “Youth Talk” and informal meeting with our peers at YAG near OSCE Presence in Albania.


Pirro Marko

Pirro Marko has also been part of other youth-based organizations such as Outdoor Ambassadors. He enjoys helping out in volunteering activities. He has just finished his senior year of high school and plans to apply for a Bachelor in Business Management. He likes everything related to business, music, and fitness, which hopefully he will be able to pursue in the future as well.


Arlind Kamberi

Arlind Kamberi is studying as a scholarship holder at “Ernest Koliqi” High School. In his personal opinion, being part of U.S. Embassy Youth Council has definitely been an amazing and unique experience, starting from the super people and the team spirit. Arlind’s hobbies include playing the classical and flamenco guitar (since 10 years), programming, reading a lot about biotech and bioinformatics as his favorite field. He was also one of the organizers of UNYD Albania open air meeting with USYECA members.


Enxhi Lipa

Enxhi Lipa is a graduate of Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University. She has completed several internships in local and national institutions with the aim to represent youth and transmit their voice near the ones, who have the right mechanisms to improve the life of citizens. Lately, Enxhi has been elected as a youth co-chair member at Western Balkan Youth Policy Lab. She is also member of Pool of Experts in the framework of this initiative. By being an active citizen, Enxhi aims to serve as a positive model of Albanian youth, and inspiring others to join civil society organizations initiatives.


Jesmina Sengla

Jesmina Sengla is a Political Science student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana. She has been engaged in different kind of projects and activities, especially as a moderator of  “Akademia Feministe”. Her previous experiences include radio hosting and cross peer tutoring training. Jesmina enjoys generating initiatives to promote democratic values through education and engage youth in local decision making. Her main interests include politics, philosophy, communication, research, and community organization.


Blert Braho

Blert Braho, nearly seventeen and a new member of the Youth Empowerment Department. He studies Software Engineering in his high school and is a basketball player for the Partizani U-18 team. Blert’s hobbies are music, sports obviously, hanging out and sometimes singing. In the future he wants to become a professional basketball player and a great person. That is part of his code, which he lives up to.


Gea Koduzi

Gea Koduzi is pursuing her studies in “Management and Economics“. She has been actively involved in youth empowerment and civic engagement activities since high school, where she also served as the President of Outdoor Ambassadors. She has also worked as an intern in the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy Albania. She is driven by the need to have a deeper understanding of the problems faced nowadays by the Albanian society, and willingness to have a meaningful contribution in addressing these problems.


Kimberli Kadriu

Kimberli Kadriu is a law student with a hidden artistic soul.  Her mission in life is to find all the pieces that make her happy and fulfilled. Kimberli always declares being glad that helping others is one of those pieces.


Xhenis Kllogjri

Xhenis Kllogjri has finished his Bachelor Studies in the field of Law in support of his continuous interest in International Law and International Relations. He has worked as an English teacher in Egypt as part of an AIESEC Internship project. His working experience developed even further when he worked in the Incoming Global Volunteers department in AIESEC. Xhenis was a participant of MEU Romania, a simulation of the EU Parliament.